Condensed history of Faith Temple

The early history of Faith Temple of Sulphur, Louisiana, dates back to 1922 when Rev. J. S. Frederick and Victor Hebert began a work which would come to be known as the first Pentecostal church to be started in the area


The  church was build in Sulphur off Burton Street going towards the old Sulphur mines. Later, the little church was torn down and another church was built in the 300 block of Main (N. Huntington) Street.


On March 18, 1929, the church was officially chartered as the Pentecostal Assembly of Sulphur, Louisiana, with Rev. J. S. Frederick


1948,  Rev. C. C. Williams assumed the pastorate. He was to remain in that position until 1962. Under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Williams, the church was drawn into the "Latter Rain" movement of the early 1950's and in 1951, the church withdrew from the United Pentecostal organization and became a non-denominational full gospel church.


Faith Temple has always been mission minded.  In 1937 Faith Temple help in the support of  Brother Thomas, a missionary to the Middle East, Baghdad, Saudi Arabia and Israel.


Rev. J. W. Byrd became pastor in 1962 and was followed by a succession of interim and short-term pastors. They were Revs. Mack Quinn, Sam Ravia (deceased), Odell Allen, Dwayne McCormick, Jessie Coplin (deceased), Birchie Mae Rountree (deceased), and Don Whitt. In 1971, Rev. Sidney Fontenot (deceased) began the first of three occasions to serve as pastor.



  In August 1978, Rev. Larry LaFleur began his service at Faith Temple. A decision to move the church location was made by the congregation and 4.2 acres were purchased at 1200 Patton Street in 1980.

Services were held in the fellowship hall beginning April 17, 1983, and the first service in the new sanctuary was held October 9, 1983. Formal dedication services were held December 11, 1983.


After Rev. LaFleur's departure in October 1984, Rev. Sidney Fontenot returned as interim for the next several months.


In September 1985, Rev. Gene Vincent began his tenure as pastor. Rev. Vincent decided to return to the evangelism field and Rev. Charles Holt became pastor in January 1989.


In April 1992, Rev. Fontenot returned until November 1998. Rev. Charles S. Owens, III, served the church from November 1999 until June 2000.


In September 2000, Rev. R.Brooks Fleig began his service as the sixteenth pastor of Faith Temple.


In 2004 Rev. Don Robinson joined Faith Temple as it's seventeenth pastor.


After hurricane Rita Faith Temple was without a pastor for several years, Mike Hafner was the teacher until he passed away unexpectedly in October 2014.


On November 9, 2014, Rev. Marcus O. Wade began his service at Faith Temple  for the next two years.


On November 16, 2016, Rev. Christopher L. Guidroz was designated pastor of Faith Temple.




10:00 am Morning Worship

Wednesday :

7:00 pm Bible Study/ Youth Groups