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The early history of Faith Temple of Sulphur, Louisiana, dates back to 1922 when Rev. J. S. Frederick and Victor Hebert began a work which would come to be known as the first Pentecostal church to be started in the area. They were both newly filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost and were early pioneers of the Pentecostal movement in this area. Prior to 1922, cottage meetings were held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vic Hebert as early as 1919. They had previously received the Holy Ghost at a tent revival in Port Arthur, Texas. The Heberts had friends in attendance at their meetings who also received the Holy Ghost, such as Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph (Lezida) Saunier, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Boutte, Mr. and Mrs. DeBarge, Mr. Caesar Hebert, Mrs. Odile Hebert, and Mr. and Mrs. J. S. (Edell) Frederick. The meetings were moved to Bayou D'lnde in a one room vacant house (owned by Mr. Mike Leyton) by the Hamburg's place. When the meetings came to this area, Mrs. Lydia Johnson Vincent said she had been praying for seven years for the Lord to send someone to her area to preach. She had previously had a personal experience with the Lord. At these meetings in Bayou D'lnde, other believers added to the new work were Mr. and Mrs. John P. (Irene) Areno, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Pauline) Hafer, Mr. and Mrs. Joe (Tini) LeDoux, Mr. and Mrs. H.N. Broussard, Mrs. Virgie Montgomery, and Mr. and Mrs. Amady Hebert. Rev. Frederick became pastor of this group of believers and they built a church in Sulphur off Burton Street going towards the old Sulphur mines. Later, the little church was torn down and another church was built in the 300 block of Main (N. Huntington) Street.


On March 18, 1929, the church was officially chartered as the Pentecostal Assembly of Sulphur, Louisiana, with Rev. J. S. Frederick, Victor Hebert, Henry Hafer, John P. (Pennie) Areno, and Amady Hebert serving as the first Board of Trustees.


The church was later moved about three blocks to the location on Irwin Street. Even though the building was small, as many as 400 were reported to be in attendance at the church in the 1940's. During this time, the Pentecostal movement really took root and other churches were established in the area, many of them as an outgrowth of this original church. They were: The Little Country Church in Hollywood, The Gospel Lighthouse (now Lighthouse Tabernacle), The First Pentecostal Church of Sulphur, and the United Pentecostal Church. Also, the Assemblies of God churches in Sulphur had their start with this original church. At one point in time, there was only ONE Pentecostal church, ONE Baptist church, ONE Catholic church, and ONE Methodist church in Sulphur and they were all on Main (N. Huntington) Street.


Rev. Frederick was pastor of the church from its beginnings until 1948, when Rev. C. C. Williarms assumed the pastorate. He was to remain in that position until 1962. Under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Williams, the church was drawn into the "Latter Rain" movement of the early 1950's and in 1951, the church withdrew from the United Pentecostal organization and became a non-denominational full gospel church. The "Latter Rain" movement was a tremendous revival time and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in which people from all denominations were worshiping together and experiencing a "coming together" as one in the Lord. The "Charismatic Renewal" which followed in the 1970's and 1980's was much like the "Latter Rain" movement of the 1950's. In 1955, the church name was officially changed to Faith Temple of Sulphur, Louisiana. During this time a second building of brick was constructed on the corner of Lincoln and Irwin Streets to house the sanctuary and Sunday School classrooms with the original building being used for a fellowship hall and parsonage. Rev. Frederick and Rev. Williams were the pastors of Faith Temple for its first forty years. During this time, the church work was carried on by families such as Hebert, Koonce, Miller, Hoffpauir, Areno, Hafer, LeJeune, LeDoux, Lyons, Vincent, Boutte, Eccles, Saunier, Franklin, Guillotte, Smith, and Chapman.


Faith Temple has always been mission minded.  In 1937 Faith Temple helped in the support of  Brother Thomas, a missionary to the Middle East, Baghdad, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Brother Thomas also painted the picture that hangs in our baptistery.


Rev. J. W. Byrd became pastor in 1962 and was followed by a succession of interim and short-term pastors. They were Revs. Mack Quinn, Sam Ravia (deceased), Odell Allen, Dwayne McCormick, Jessie Coplin (deceased), Birchie Mae Rountree (deceased), and Don Whitt. In 1971, Rev. Sidney Fontenot began the first of three occasions to serve as pastor.


While Rev. Fontenot was pastor, the "Charismatic Renewal" began to take hold and the congregation began experiencing a need for larger facilities. Attempts were made to purchase property adjacent to the old church location but they were unsuccessful and the board began to look elsewhere.


  In August 1978, Rev. Larry LaFleur began his service at Faith Temple. A decision to move the church location was made by the congregation and 4.2 acres were purchased at 1200 Patton Street in 1980. Plans for the new facility were drawn up under building committees consisting of Marvin Robinson, Steve Aguillard, Darrell Istre, Roger Cox, John Stokes, Ken Morris, and Rev. LaFleur. Actual construction of the new facilities was directed by Clyde Irby as contractor and Ellis Benckenstein as President of the Board of Trustees, along with other board members-Al Spence, Al Sharp, Willis Firestone, Jesse Motes, Chuck White, Ray Lyles, and Janice Areno. The church complex is valued in excess of $600,000 and consists of 18,000 square feet. The sanctuary contains 6000 square feet with the remaining space allocated to Sunday School classrooms, fellowship hall, nursery, and administrative offices. Services were held in the fellowship hall beginning April 17, 1983, and the first service in the new sanctuary was held October 9, 1983. Formal dedication services were held December 11, 1983. The King's Kids Day Care was started shortly thereafter .


After Rev. LaFleur's departure in October 1984, Rev. Sidney Fontenot returned as interim for the next several months. In September 1985, Rev. Gene Vincent began his tenure as pastor. Rev. Vincent decided to return to the evangelism field and Rev. Charles Holt became pastor in January 1989. In April 1992, Rev. Fontenot returned until November 1998. Rev. Charles S. Owens, III, served the church from November 1999 until June 2000. In September 2000, Rev. R.Brooks Fleig began his service as the sixteenth pastor of Faith Temple. In 2004 Rev. Don Robinson joined Faith Temple as it's seventeenth pastor.

After Hurricane Rita, we were without a pastor for several years. During that time, Mike Hafner served us faithfully as our teacher, Mike passed away unexpectedly in October 2014.

On November 9, 2014, Rev. Marcus O. Wade began his service at Faith Temple  for the next two years.


On November 16, 2016, Rev. Christopher L. Guidroz was designated pastor of Faith Temple. It is with great anticipation that the church looks forward to feelings God's presence and great revival spirit as they approach 100 years of worshiping together and reaching this community






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