Statement of Beliefs

  • We believe that there is only one true God who has identified Himself as Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


  • We believe that God chose to reveal Himself throughout His Word and that the Bible is the infallible Word of God.


  • We believe that God chose to give us a greater revelation of Himself by sending the Word who was with God and was God to take on human flesh in the form of Jesus.


  • We believe that all men have sinned and sin separates man from God.


  • We believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, overcoming man’s nature to sin, died on the cross, overcoming the curse of sin, and rose again, overcoming the penalty of sin.


  • We believe that confession of one’s sin, belief that Jesus dealt with man’s sin on the cross, and yielding one’s life and actions of Jesus results in a relationship that is known as “salvation”.


  • We believe in the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those who believe.


  • We believe that the Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to aid and encourage believers.


  • We believe that it is God’s desire for every man to know Him.


  • We believe that Jesus will come again as the Messiah foretold by the prophets in the Bible.


  • We believe that the “last days,” the period immediately preceding Christ’s second coming, will be marked by a period of great revival on the earth.



10:00 am Morning Worship

Wednesday :

7:00 pm Bible Study/ Youth Groups