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A boundary, by definition, is simply a dividing line. Geographical boundaries define lines between cities and states. Personal boundaries are what define your identity. They’re like the property lines around a home. This is my property and that is not my property. This is me — what I value, am good at, believe, need, or feel — and that is not me.

To know yourself and be secure that you are loved is essential to all relationships and activities. The better your boundaries of self-awareness and self-definition are the greater your capacity to offer empathy and love to others. Good boundaries help you to care for others because you have a stable foundation to operate from and are not distracted or depleted by personal insecurities or blind spots. (That’s why it’s not “selfish” or unloving to have boundaries and “take care of yourself.”)

Bible Scripture: James 1:8 KJV - A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Faith ApplicationCommit to praying every day this week and fasting one day a week. Pray when you want. Remember, you may not pray an hour a day but don't let an hour go by without communicating with God. On your fast day, fast whatever you feel, but let it be a sacrifice; let it be from the heart. Fast something that has become an idol in your life and takes up your time and your energy in place of moments with God. This week when you're fasting, seek God's voice concerning your personal boundaries. Are you separating yourself from the world and living a Christ-like life? 

Prayer Focus: This week, pray that God reveals the importance of boundaries in your life. God, help me to divide myself from this sinful world. Help me to put up healthy boundaries around my heart and my life that strengthen me spiritually. Help me to say no to the people and things that harm me. Help me to stop and take time out of the busyness of life to be more centered on You. Help me to realize my identity is in you and nothing in this world can make me feel as full or as complete as a life in Christ.

Family Activity: Jesus, be a fence to surround me every day! This week, it's important to understand what healthy boundaries are and how they can affect your life. As a family, complete the attached bible study. The study takes a look at how Christ himself set up healthy boundaries to protect his ministry and his soul. Within each section, have each member of the family choose two or three topics to discuss. Look at the scriptures associated with each topic and explain how Jesus kept boundaries. Also... boundaries for teens... and boundaries for kids*.

*Parents, the kid's video is the story of Adam and Eve sinning in the garden because they forgot their boundaries... boundaries and the consequences of crossing them may need to be explained.