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May is the month we celebrate our mother's... and for Faith Temple, it's a month that we want to focus on the ladies of our church and our community. You play an incredibly important role in the lifeblood of our church and, for a few weeks, the focus is all on you!

There are many scriptures in the bible that allude to the fact that women are not (or should not be) allowed to work in ministry. However, if you truly study out the Word in context, many times Paul was writing of women who spoke out against the ministry... or against the forward momentum of the gospel. Many women were used to minister throughout the old and new testament, even to Jesus himself.

We have many women that have the stenuous task of ministering to our own church body - to our children, our youth, and our couples. We have women that greet guests and pray over specific needs on a daily basis. We have women that do everything from cleaning the restrooms to ministering behind the pulpit on occassion. They sing, they lead worship, and they do it all with a servant's heart. 

This month, we want to focus on our ladies, but this week specifically - our ladies in ministerial roles. Just like a mother, we we were created to support and nourish our Pastor, our church body, and our community.

Bible Scripture: Luke 1:45 - And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.

Faith ApplicationCommit to praying every day this week and fasting one day a week. Pray when you want. Remember, you may not pray an hour a day but don't let an hour go by without communicating with God. On your fast day, fast whatever you feel, but let it be a sacrifice; let it be from the heart. Fast somethingthat has become an idol in your life and takes up your time and your energy in place of moments with God.

Prayer Focus: Lord, today we pray for our women in ministry - whatever capacity that may be. For every laboring task, for ever encouraging word spoken, for every prayer sent, for ever letter written, for every lesson taught, we thank you for filling the halls of Faith Temple with women who are not afraid to spread the gospel through their support of the ministry. Continue to bless them and pour into them so that they may be a blessing and an encouragement to others.

Family Activity: Next time your at church, thank a lady in ministry. I'd miss someone if I tried to name them all but I promise, if you look around before, during, or after church, you will find a lady hard at work for the Lord. Give her a big hug and tell her thank you for doing her part to advance the Kingdom! Also, this week at home, spend some time in prayer for this important group of women. Faith Temple couldn't operate without their encouragement and radical attention to detail.