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As Christians, we are a light to the world; a testimony of the grace given us through Jesus Christ. Our neighbors are watching. What do they see when they look at our families? What do they overhear? Shouting? Laughter? What do the cashiers observe when we go through the checkout line with a tired and cranky two-year-old? A mom gritting her teeth and giving the “you’re-gonna-get-it-when-we-get-to-the-car” look, or a mom who takes a deep breath and prays, “Oh God, give me your love and patience to pass on to this child of ours! I am in need, Father.” This week we're talking about ministry in the home. It's time to put your family first. Give them the best, not what is left over. Ministry starts in the home!

Bible Scripture: I Timothy 3:5 - (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

Faith ApplicationCommit to praying every day this week and fasting one day a week. Pray when you want. Remember, you may not pray an hour a day but don't let an hour go by without communicating with God. On your fast day, fast whatever you feel, but let it be a sacrifice; let it be from the heart. Fast something that has become an idol in your life and takes up your time and your energy in place of moments with God. This week, as you're fasting, lift of the minister of the home, be it yourself or a spouse. 

Prayer Focus: This week, pray that God ministers to the needs of our Faith Temple families. We pray our families are united and at peace within the walls of their homes. We pray that parents can be Christian examples to their children. We pray that members of the home can lift each other up in prayer when the enemy attacks. We pray that husbands and wives develop deeper relationships with each other and that those that are alone are drawn to the partner and the place that You have for them. We pray blessings over each and every family and each and every home. Cover them with your provision, protection, and everlasting love.

Family Activity: To begin this week, read this blog post. Parents, this week is really for you. Don't know where to start? This Parenting for Faith course offers free sessions that give incredible guidance on becoming the minister of your home. All videos and materials are free to download or stream. Remember, if we want to raise our children to serve in the Kingdom... it starts with serving them and teaching them to serve in the home.