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Continuing in mental health month, we want to spend some time praying over relationships. Many times, our mental health and our physical health are directly related to our relational health. When you are surrounded by healthy relationships you feel confident, supported, and worthy of love. On the contrary, when your relationships are strained or suffering, you feel misunderstood, unworthy, unable to trust, anxious, insecure, and even bitter. 

And this isn't even just referring to romantic interests. Parent/child relationships, sibling relationships, friendships, even peers or coworkers... each of these relations can affect you positively or negatively. If there is someone in your life who brings you to this dark place, consider your options for conquering the negative side effects of those relationships. What is the magic litmus test for relationships? Here's one: Does this relationship strengthen my relationship with God? If the answer is no, it may be time for some changes inside yourself - or with the company you keep.

Bible Scripture: Proverbs 13:20 - He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Faith ApplicationCommit to praying every day this week and fasting one day a week. Pray when you want. Remember, you may not pray an hour a day but don't let an hour go by without communicating with God. On your fast day, fast whatever you feel, but let it be a sacrifice; let it be from the heart. Fast something that has become an idol in your life and takes up your time and your energy in place of moments with God. 

Prayer Focus: Lord, this week we pray over our relationships. Help me to surround myself with those that see me as you do... with those that build me up spiritually. As a spouse, parent, child, or peer, help me to support those that I impact daily. Give me the strength to follow Godly counsel and allow me to impart wisdom to others. For those that are involved in unhealthy relationships, we pray for the wisdom and confidence to change their story or let go.

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