I'm New Here...
Now What?

Trying new things can be intimidating; but at Faith Temple, you will feel like family from your very first visit! We strive to make the entire family welcome. No matter your age or your history with the church, we urge you to come visit and find your place in this ministry.

We'd like to answer a few questions upfront to make sure you get the most out of your visit. If you have more questions or would like more information, please contact us today!


Where do I start?

When you arrive at Faith Temple you will see a circle drive in the front of the building. You should feel comfortable parking anywhere in the circle or on the side of the building. Enter through the glass doors in the front. There will be greeters waiting to assist you in finding your way around the building.

Ok... I made it in the building. Now what?

One of our friendly greeters can show you around the building. On Sunday mornings we offer coffee and doughnuts in our fellowship hall. The lobby tends to be a great place for meeting and greeting. Announcements are usually flashing on the screen in the sanctuary before service begins. You are welcome to sit in the sanctuary at any time. Oh, and pick any seat... we'll scoot over!

What about my kids?

We love kids at Faith Temple... no matter their size, their personality, or their noise level. We have a responsibility to train our children to worship God and learn to disciple others. If that means we have the occasional aisle runner or scream of support, that's okay! Kids of all ages are welcome to join us in our main services. If you need to take your child out we do have a nursery with a monitor for viewing service. On Wednesday night's we offer two age-level classes: Faith Kids for children up to age 12 and SWITCH Youth for teens 13-18.

How can I get connected?

We stay connected to our church family and community through several different means. You can find us on Facebook (facebook.com/faithtemplesulphur), Instagram (@faithtemplesulphur), or Twitter (twitter.com/faithtemplesul) to stay updated on any important announcements, live events, new posts, or more ways to get involved.

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Can I be more involved?

Yes! We have several ways you can get involved at Faith Temple, from building maintenance to cleaning to becoming a part of our worship team. We do ask that anyone who wants to join a ministry go through our "Next Steps" small group series. This allows us to develop relationships and discover unknowns strengths and talents. From there you will train and practice with ministry leaders until you feel confident stepping out independently. If you visit our greeter's desk in the front foyer, you will find a Volunteer card where you can show interest in our various ministries or recommend new ones.

What about COVID-19?

The church is cleaned and sanitized weekly. We also offer masks and hand sanitizer in the front foyer. We respect those who do not want any kind of close connection so if we reach out to shake your hand... don't worry about offending us if you'd rather not. We have plenty of room in our sanctuary for families to social distance if necessary. We also have some members that are front-line workers in the medical field so don't be offended if they keep their distance. In the instance that churches have to temporarily close their doors to quarantine, we respect governing authorities and will transition to live services on our Facebook page... but we pray it doesn't come to that again!